Process script for PSP 30

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You can either use this script as is, or adapt it to your needs.
If you adapt it, summarize the changes below.


These sections will follow below (the abbreviations given in parentheses are the phase names to be used in the time/defect log):
  1. Preparation
  2. Planning (pl)
  3. High-Level-Design (hd)
  4. High-Level-Design Review (hr)
  5. Development
  6. Postmortem (pm)
For details not given here, see the templates and process scripts mentioned in the overview on pages 650-651 in the PSP book.


Planning (pl)

High-Level-Design (hd)

High-Level-Design Review (hr)


Subphases: In PSP 3.0, apply the instructions below to the cycles identified in the planning phase.

Design (ds)

Design review (dr)

Coding (cd)

Code review (cr)

Compilation (cp)

Testing (te)

Reassessment and Recycling (ra)

Postmortem (pm)

Appendix: Hints

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